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Online distribution channels play a key role in how your brand is represented and perceived online. Choosing the right channels for your brand is vital, not only for drawing in prospective clients, but also for the correct brand representation. Effective use of channels is essential in building a strong brand reputation.



Our programmatic solution is designed to offer our clients the best possible online exposure, whilst optimising towards micro conversion goals. We work closely with you to identify and install tracking that allows our system to automatically optimize towards your conversion goals. In addition to providing traffic from a huge number of online sources. Our programmatic system also gives our clients numerous targeting options:.

Fintech Retargeting

Our retargeting tool gets your ad in front of a targeted audience of executives within the fintech industry.

Placement Targeting

With placement targeting, we can get your ads placed on the most trafficked financial websites in the world.

Keyword Targeting

We build keyword campaigns using a list of relevant keywords that are connected to your brand and products.

Contextual Targeting

Target clients using location, age and more. Smart algorithms place your ads in front of the right audience.



Our core team were responsible for the creation of the world’s largest financial affiliate program. We possess the skills and experiences that is required to help you to successfully build and scale your own affiliate program within the financial and fintech space. Our solution includes


We build you a strategy that focuses on your needs and goals, and ensure your affiliate program will be optimised.


We help and guide you through the setup of your affiliate program, ensuring it is running correctly.


Our experienced team can guide you in creating an optimal budget for your affiliate program.


We can help you attract potential affiliates to your program, by targeting affiliates within the financial space.

Content Marketing

Content marketing forms the foundation of search engine optimisation (SEO). Having a solid content marketing strategy, backed by well-structured and written articles will drive your website’s organic results and rankings. We can build a content strategy for your business and help with the production of articles.

  • Article Topic Creation
  • Content Review
  • Article Creation

Search Marketing

Advertising your brand across major search engines is a great way to target clients right at the starting point of their search for products or services. Our team will setup and mange accounts for you across all the largest search engines online.

  • Keywords List Creation
  • Bidding Strategy Creation
  • Full Account Management

Direct Media Buying

Get your ad placed directly on specially targeted websites through our direct media buying service. We handle direct media buying on your behalf. Using our connections and media partners, we achieve the best results at the best possible price.

  • Creating Targeted Site Lists
  • Pricing Negotiation
  • Campaign Setup and Monitoring

Press Releases

Getting your important company news and updates released through global press channels will not only help you to grow your brand, but will also allow you to promote any new and exciting products or services that are released by your business.

  • Press Release Writing
  • Direct Press Distribution
  • Press Channel Distribution

Social Media Management

Social media has become a corner stone of user interaction online. This extends to businesses that are looking for partners within the B2B space. Our team can build and execute a social media plan that will create a lasting community around your brand.

  • Post Content Creation
  • Visual Post Content
  • Account Management