The internet has changed the world. It has changed the way we communicate, interact and do business, and the B2B sector is no different. There is a bigger demand today than there ever has been for digital transformations, from B2B companies, looking to enhance their digital footprint.

Here we will highlight the main reasons why B2B companies are putting more focus on digital than ever before:

The World is More Connected Than Ever

The latest statistics released on global internet users indicated that there are now more than 4.2 billion internet users worldwide. This represents more than 50% of the global population that now have access to information online. This leads to…

More than 40% of Internet Users Use the Internet for Research

There is an ever growing trend of users who turn to the internet to research products and services before making a purchase. This is across all users between the ages of 25 and 64, and their research does not determine whether they make the purchase online or not. There are still a large number of users who use online research to make offline purchasing decisions, by comparing reports and reviews about products or services they are interested in.

Social Media is Now a Primary Contact for Most Users

More and more companies are employing social media teams to handle the growing number of customer requests and enquiries that are coming through their social media channels. In addition to this, many of them create unique and creative content to share across their social media accounts to engage their audiences and keep them up to date with company news.

Content is King

No longer can you put up a website, create a campaign with Google and watch the leads roll in. The market is now more competitive than ever, driving paid marketing prices up, making it a lot more difficult and expensive to draw in leads for your sales team to work with. With the ascension of content, a new trend is emerging…

Educating Customers is Key to Sales

Gone are the days where your best salesperson could sell your product to anyone. We as a planet consume more content a day now than the last 2,000 years’ consumption combined. Whilst a lot of this content is considered entertainment, more and more decision makers are educating themselves about the products and services they require to make their business successful. Having a website with a blog section that educates users about your business offerings allows them to better understand what you are offering without the need of long and tedious meetings and sales pitches.

Your Website is Your Primary Lead Generator

With so many new ways to communicate born out of the digital revolution, the traditional way of calling a B2B supplier on the phone has gone out of style, and pretty fast. Many people prefer to communicate through written medium, and although it is true that it is easier to close a deal with face-to-face meetings, setting these up in today’s setting is getting more and more difficult.

This is where your website comes in. You need to ensure that it is optimised towards your potential customer base, ensuring that they follow the journey you wish to take them on, and end with them talking to you, either through email, live chat or even instant messaging (of course you can still leave your phone number for them to call you, although don’t expect the phone to ring off the hook).

Transforming Your Digital Footprint

These 6 points above are not the only reasons why digital should be at the core of your marketing plans, but they are by far the most important. More and more people are doing business without ever meeting the people they deal with in person. This is a trend that only looks to grow as the internet makes the world shrink, and allows people to pick and choose from a global supplier pool, rather than a local one.

So what does it take to bring your business up to level? Here is what you need to do to bring your digital footprint up to point in 2019:

Optimise Your Website

This is the first step of updating your digital footprint. Put a lot of thought and research into the changes that need to be done to your website to optimise it for your customer pool. Use existing analytics and trends to evaluate how your current website is performing, and put more effort into the pages and paths that lead to the most customer interactions. If you do not have a website or previous visitor data, start by looking at what your competitors are doing, and try to mimic them without directly copying them.

Add Content Marketing to Your Plan

If content marketing is already part of your marketing plan, great you are ahead of the curve, but be sure you are getting the most out of it. Looking at your best performing articles, existing keyword trends, and using a keyword tool to determine what users are looking for are going to be key to expanding your content marketing.

If you don’t already do content marketing, there is no time like the present to start. If you don’t already have a content team in-house, look for a professional content marketing company to help you build and execute a content marketing plan that should be customised towards your business needs.

Jack Up Your Social Media

Although social media can be blamed for a decrease in productivity in the work force, it is also a key customer service channel. Many people prefer to use social media to contact companies about products, or to complain about issues they have. Having someone dedicated to your social media to ensure these are all handled correctly can really help to boost your business.

Additionally, ensure that you are sharing your new content across all channels, using relevant eye catching visuals to ensure that it draws users’ attention.

Monitor Mentions of Your Company Online

Although this is technically part of transforming your digital footprint, it is a key element to ensuring that you are managing public perception of your company. This is something that every company should be doing, not knowing about a bad review can cost your company potential business, and finding them early and responding to them quickly and efficiently can ensure that other potential customers reading the review can see that you care about other customers concerns.

Bonus Point: Consider Doing More Press Releases

There are thousands of press releases issued, on an hourly basis, online around the world. Not all of these are picked up by big publications, but all of them are published online. Whether it is a new product or service issued by your company, or a change in company structure, putting out a release about it can lead to more people knowing about your company. Additionally, if you have created some form of new innovation, or have some new research figures to release, doing this through a press release can get your news published on big news sites.


As the world gets more connected it also get smaller, with clients now connecting with the company that best suits their needs, rather than the ones that are closest to them. Having a modern, well-built digital footprint gives you access to a global client base, and providing them with the information that they need to make an informed decision ensures that they will trust you with their business needs.